Our Story

The All Creatures Story

Our ‘All Creatures’ are more than just toys, they’re somebody’s new best friend, a partner in crime and will be loved and cherished for years to come.

Our menagerie of ‘All Creatures’ characters were the dream of Paul Haines, who developed our first collections from his farm in the West Country.

Taking inspiration from the gorgeous animals that live on his small-holding and some of his favourite animals from around the world, the All Creatures Collection was created.

What Makes Us Special

All our animals combine cute design with luxurious, premium fabrics that have been beautifully crafted to make toys that can go on adventures far and wide (and still not have a stitch out of place!).

The attention to detail in design adds cute character traits through the smaller details, from the colour inside Tilly the Sheep’s ears to the twinkling gold in Floyd the Frog’s eyes.

We capture the essence of what makes each animal unique and combine that with some All Creatures magic to create collections you can’t help but fall in love with.